Refereed Papers from ISIC 2 — Norfolk Island

Refereed papers from The 2nd International Small Island Cultures Conference held at the Museum Theatre, Norfolk Island Museum, Kingston, Norfolk Island, February 9-13, 2006.

  1. ISIC2 Front Cover
  2. Introductory pages
  3. Contents
  4. Introduction
    Henry Johnson
  5. Sere ni Cumu and the Contemporary Construction of Place and Identity in Taveuni, Fiji
    Jennifer Cattermole
  6. Relational Knowledge and Marine Conservation: The Case of the Pasua Rahui, Tongareva, Cook Islands
    Charlotte Chambers
  7. Once You Saw Them, Now You Don’t: The Disappearance of Cook Island Traditional Craft Production
    Wendy E Cowling
  8. Radio Norfolk: Community and Communication on Norfolk Island
    Rebecca Coyle
  9. The Silent Echoes of Chatham Island
    Mark Evans
  10. The Book of Ebenezer Le Page: Guernsey and the Channel Islands in the 20th Century
    Peter Goodall
  11. Localisation and Local Song Repertoire on Norfolk Island
    Philip Hayward
  12. Performing Okinawa: Eisâ, Identity Construction and the Recontextualisation of Traditional Performing Arts
    Henry Johnson
  13. Waiting for the Tide, Tuning in the World: Traditional Knowledge, Environmental Ethics and Community
    Kumi Kato
  14. Island Dreams and the Cultural Politics of Small Island Cuisine
    Susie Khamis
  15. Commanding Perspectives on the Isles of Scilly: Robert Maybee’s Ballad of Sir Cloudesley Shovel
    Marea Mitchell
  16. The Norf’k Language as a Memory of Norfolk’s Cultural and Natural Environment
    Peter Mühlhäusler
  17. Treasured Islands
    Eleanor Rimoldi
  18. Culture, Environment and the Tourist Gaze: The Falkland Islands
    Stephen A Royle
  19. “Synchronicity Happened”: Dance and Music as a Social Force in the Furneaux Group, 1954-2004
    Robin Ryan
  20. Traversing the Waves: Bridging Cultures Through Music
    Rachel Shave
  21. Visualising Social Change: A Case Study of the Traditional I-Kiribati Canoe
    Tony Whincup
  22. ISIC2P Notes on Contributors

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