Refereed Papers from ISIC 3 — Prince Edward Island

Refereed papers from The 3rd International Small Island Cultures Conference held at the University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, 29 June — 2 July 2007.

  1. ISIC3 Front Cover
  2. Introductory pages
  3. Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. The Construction Of Islandness, A Literal Example: St Helena in the Seventeenth Century
    Stephen A Royle
  6. A “Subterranean River” To The Past: The Importance of Inheritance in Creating Island Identity in the Fiction of Alistair Macleod
    Laurie Brinklow
  7. Island Approaches To Cultural Survival: How can a School Create Community out of Isolation?
    Carla Di Giorgio
  8. Keeping Railways ‘On Track’ In Island Territories
    Godfrey Baldacchino
  9. Autochthony / Localization / Aboriginality & Island Peoples In The World System
    Mike Evans
  10. Culturally Based Ethics And Resource Conservation: Learning From Small Islands
    Irené Novaczek
  11. ‘Enisling’ Narratives: Some Thoughts on Writing the Small Island
    Christina Marsden Gillis
  12. Constructing Islandness On Jersey: A Study of Language, Song and La Fête Nouormande
    Henry Johnson
  13. Retaining Shima In Shima Uta: Music as Mnemonic Expression of Heritage in Contemporary Kakeroma
    Philip Hayward & Sueo Kuwahara
  14. The Critical Role Of Language In The Construction Of Rotuman Diasporic Identity
    Marit Vamarasi
  15. The Revitalization Of The Manx Language And Culture In An Era Of Global Change
    Gary N Wilson
  16. Aeolian Traditions In The World: The Life and Works of Angelo Merlino
    Cristoforo Garigliano
  17. Managing Musical Success In A Small Island Environment: Vanessa Quai and the Vanuatu Music Scene
    Philip Hayward & Guy Morrow
  18. Grist For The Tourist Mill: Tourists at Gaelic Milling Frolics in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
    Heather Sparling
  19. Typology Of Cultural Tourists: An Island Study
    Dongkoo Yun, Sean Hennessey, Roberta Macdonald and Melissa Maceachern
  20. ISIC3 Notes on Contributors