Refereed Papers from ISIC 7 — Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland

Refereed papers from The 7th International Small Island Cultures Conference held in Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland on June 12nd-15th 2011.

  1. ISIC7 Front Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Introduction
    Katelyn Barney
  4. Sentinel Sites in a Cosmo-political Seascape
    Shelley Greer, Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy & Rosita Henry
  5. Innovative Networks in Vanuatu: Tourism and Cultural Industries
    Thomas Dick, Ben Farr-Wharton & Kerry Brown
  6. Tahitian Choreo-musical Performance on Cruise Ships: Staged authenticity and postmodern tourism
    David Cashman
  7. The Folklore of Death: ‘Cantos de angeles’ and cultural syncretism on the island of Chiloé
    Sandra Garrido & Waldo Garrido
  8. Fernando de Noronha Archipelago: Community perspectives on tourism
    Jasmine Cardozo Moreira, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis & José Martins da Silva Júnior
  9. On Island Time: The writing workshop as cultural tourism
    Lynda J. Hawryluk
  10. Corals, Calypso and Contraband: A case study on the management and enforcement of marine protected areas within San Andres, Old Providence and Santa Catalina’s archipelago, Colombia
    David Lloyd, G.D.V. Martinez & William E. Boyd
  11. Effective Communication Between Natural Resource Managers and Island Communities
    David Lloyd & William E. Boyd
  12. Island Style: Changes in style-shifting modes in Japanese first-person pronouns of the former island colonies
    Keisuke Imamura
  13. Building Capacity to Improve Women’s Participation in Rural Development: A Case Study of Langkawi Island
    Sharina Abdul Halim & Mustaffa Omar
  14. Coming of the Light: Spirituality in Diaspora
    David Salisbury
  15. Notes On Contributors